Edinburgh: HIV Scotland, 2017. 31 p.
HIV Scotland
There is now consensus among Scotland's third sector children's rights, women's rights and young people's and equality organisations that RSHP lessons urgently need to be improved. Comprehensive sexuality education is essential for young people to be able to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy, HIV and sexually transmitted infections, to Evidence emonstrates that young gay and bisexual men in Scotland are at higher risk of HIV as a consequence of having poor knowledge about HIV risk. There has been no long term decrease in the number of people being diagnosed with HIV and prevention remains a public health challenge. Scotland's Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus Framework identifies RSHP as key to ensuring young people have the information to make healthy choices regarding their sexual health. This report brings together the voices of people living with HIV and existing evidence from the third sector, as a foundation to conduct a unique piece of research on how each local authority delivers RSHP lessons.
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