2011. 211 p.
DeJaeghere, Joan
Vavrus, Frances
Johns Hopkins University
Periodical title: 
Feminist Formations, 23 (3)
Articles from this issue : Girls’ schooling, gender equity, and the global education and development agenda: conceptual disconnections, political struggles, and the difficulties of practice, Situating empowerment for millennial schoolgirls in Gujarat, India and Shaanxi, China, engendering agency: the differentiated impact of educational initiatives in Zambia and India, History transformed?: Gender in World War II narratives in U.S. history textbooks, 1956–2007, accent on desire: desire and race in the production of ideological subjectivities in post-apartheid South Africa, Social exclusion, gender, and access to education in Canada: narrative accounts from girls on the street, the construction and mediation of sexuality and gender relations: experiences of girls and boys in secondary schools in Uganda, Equity, power, and capabilities: constructions of gender in a Tanzanian secondary school.
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