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  1. Inclusion of migration is 🔑 to achieve the 🌍 In Burundi, inclusion means action:

  2. From more favorable policies to innovative solutions, these are some factors that can speed up progress and development for many countries. Download the Huawei Benchmark Report for details:

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    Insightful and interesting perspectives on Nation and Peace Building Potential of Refugee and IDP Crises-from Jamila Mwanjisi from Save the Children

  4. Today marks the International Day of Family Remittances recognizing the contribution of over 200 million migrants to improve the lives of their 800 million family members back home and the positive impact on .

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    An incredible debate about the innovative solutions for the SDGs (mainly Goal 4, quality education), global citizenship, higher education, leadership, and globalization.

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    Pakistani army imposed curfew in no one allows to come out even to buy food. Reports said people including kids dying of hunger.

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    This image is what happens when someone like me, with no artistic skills at all, is asked to draw a set of figures that represent their work (the interview is about how my work relates to the UN's ... and I only know ~10 words in German)

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    What she will do for the empowerment of women and girls in Nigeria if she has the opportunity and needed capacity👏🏽👊🏽 The future is Female.

  10. Germany to back EU-wide net zero emissions target - via

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    Happy Father's Day to all Fathers especially You are selfless, influential, knowledgeable yet so humble and kind- a true Son of Africa! This is to you!!!

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    It was such a great honor to be part of panel consisting of former president & reps from other countries. I am honored to represent & speak to young people from different parts of the world on the role they can play in localizing 💪🏾

  13. Apply for 3rd International Youth Forum on , & in INDIA. 🇮🇳 is a platform where young people can contribute to policy discussions at an International scale through their collective ideas and innovations. 👇

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    Group1: When implementing , make sure there is a disability perspective and links to the rights in , that provides sustainability. Use SDGs to strengthen the advocacy for disability rights in and nationally. Leave no one behind in this effort.

    Tiina NUMMI-SÖDERGREN, Project manager, Equally Unique Academy (Sweden)
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    are like the passport to connect the people all over the world.

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    World Non-Formal Education Forum’s planning team met this weekend at the office. It’s promising to be an extraordinary event on , , Active citizenship and Youth development. Exciting times ahead in December!

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    RT UNFPA "RT cfnjau: UNFPA equips girls with skills to exercise the power of their voice. UNFPATanzania jtfmahon Atayeshe rhangwa AfriYANTanzania AfriYANESA "

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    School Oral Health Program in Bangalore : ~ If you love to or support public health dentistry project, ✍️ to [ ]

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    Learn more about how can help accelerate the in our upcoming online programme 'Blockchain Frontiers: Unleashing the Potential of SDGs Implementation' starting tomorrow! Register now and retweet!

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