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  1. Jun 7

    More than 300 trade agreements have been signed many with chapter on digital commerce, but diversity of cultural expressions is not part of it. We must link diversity online and digital commerce.

  2. Jun 7

    Trade agreements are not the way to regulate everything. Student exchange and study abroad should be made as accessible to young people as possible.

  3. Jun 7

    To promote available preferential treatment schemes for artists, Andrea King has one word: Communication📢 Creators concerned about putting food on the table have no time to seek out information. Reach out, and use the civil society network on the ground

  4. Jun 7

    "The real issue is implementing what’s there" - says Ruppert Schelegelmilch, on the promotion of more balanced trade flow of cultural goods and services, the Ambassador of EU to the OECD and to UNESCO.

  5. Jun 7

    In the Caribbean where social welfare and hygiene are priority, promoting cultural commodity as goods is low on the list. "But we live in hope," says Andrea King, Cultural Industries Development Authority of Barbados, referring to recent trade trends

  6. Jun 7

    It is essential to make sure culture is not forgotten in this hectic time of trade talks and suffering multilateralism. -

  7. Jun 7

    Live🔴🏛️Global exports for cultural goods = 250 billion+. The origin of these goods, however, is imbalanced. Less than 30% is from the global South and in the field of publishing, it is as low as 18%. How can we rebalance the trade flows and everywhere?🌍🎥🎨

  8. Jun 6

    In the age of gig economy in the creative sector A) Maintain our traditional regime of labour (e.g. encourage formal employment) or B) Recognise the new types of work and focus on making sure they are decent? How can we in 2019?

  9. Jun 6

    The current method of calculating the social security entitlement does not favour artists' unique employment style - seasonal and irregular. We need more data, more analysis to create a fairer system ⚖️

  10. Jun 6

    Volunteers and interns play a major role in the creative industry. They should be gaining valuable work experience, not exploited for their intellectual property and work. -

  11. Jun 6

    Issues Senegal is addressing: 1. Recognise the role of artists in the society 2. Protect the freedom of expressions 3. Draft texts regarding artists 4. Implement training programs 5. Promote copyright 6. Working and living conditions 7. Status of artists

  12. Jun 6

    The bottom line is - "Artists want to enjoy the same rights that other workers have." Abdoulaye Koundoul (Photo: Philippe Nyirimihigo)

  13. Jun 6

    To Alejandra Hernandez Sanchez, Costa Rica’s Vice Minister of Culture, “decent work” means entitlement to social security like sick leave and maternity leave. In 2019, the coverage is still vastly inadequate.

  14. Jun 6

    Let’s improve the status of artists. We can by treating creative workers with dignity ⚖️

  15. Jun 6

    Senegal's Constitution recognises that artists must be protected. Abdoulaye Koundoul, Director of Arts in Senegal, has been fighting for the improvement of artists' status. The battle continues, but Koundoul sees progress.

  16. Jun 6

    Oliver Liang from ILO knows the extremely diversified work conditions of artists across the 🌍. But their contractual status mustn’t change the way each artist is treated - always with dignity. Latest ILO report at

  17. Jun 6

    Let's consider for a moment: "What is a decent job for an artist?" 🎬💃🏿👩🏾‍💻👨🏻‍🎨 The way we treat artists in our society - could it mirror how we treat humanity?

  18. Jun 6

    Live🔴🏛️: Irregular incomes, long periods of unemployment💸.. artists’ social status is less than ideal😞 As much as 20% of cultural occupations are part time. Is there a way to improve the treatment of art makers👩🏾‍🎨 that bring so much joy to our world?

  19. Jun 6

    There is a new map of Bogota. Not of streets and buildings - but of the cultural industry. “Where can I put on a play?” “How do I find sound technicians?” Discover local talents with the map and

  20. Jun 6

    “It is a golden age of animation filming in Cambodia.” Loeurt To is hopeful about the future of Cambodia’s creative industry, and works hard to harness the momentum by training future cultural actors. Start a cycle of change with art -


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