Sixth Meeting of the TCG

The sixth TCG meeting focused specifically on:

  • To ENDORSE the methodological developments and APPROVE the list of indicators to be published in 2020;
  • To REVIEW and FINALIZE the list of thematic indicators;
  • Advancing the discussion on potential new indicators, to APPROVE methodological work in the relevant area;
  • To DISCUSS countries experiences in producing, reporting and validate data and UPDATE, if necessary, the SDG data validation process;
  • To identify at least three indicators to develop milestones on benchmarking and approve the process;
  • To IDENTIFY areas for improvement in data production and funding.

Working documents

• WD/1 TCG 5th Meeting Summary (EN/FR)
• WD/2 Progress Report (EN/FR)
• WD/3 UIS Report on SDG 4 Indicators Data Coverage (EN/FR)
• WD/4 Production and dissemination of education indicators: Questionnaires for stakeholders (EN/FR)
• WD/5 SDG 4 indicator benchmarking consultation (EN/FR)
SDG 4 Benchmarks - Excel