Theirworld, 2018. 120 p.
This report brings together, for the first time: A global picture of the range of threats posed to schools and learning environments, from conflict, violent extremism and environmental disasters, to less commonly covered threats such as gang violence, bullying, school-based sexual abuse, and corporal punishment; New analysis indicating the scale of the challenge of delivering schools — from the countries worst affected, to the number of children and young people under threat, the impact these threats have their individual life chances, and wider implications of inaction for national and international peace and prosperity, including our ability to meet of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals; A review of the national and international funding shortfalls currently preventing significant progress in the pursuit of safe schools; Recommendations on the policies, investment and stakeholders that will need to be activated if the safe schools challenge outlined in the report is to be met.; A framework for action identifying the entry points, focus areas and actions through which a diverse range of actors can help make a difference on a local, national and global level.
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