COOPI, 2017. 16 p.
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WASH handbook for teachers and facilitators (in Arabic)
Cooperazione Internazionale, COOPI
This handbook is invented by COOPI - Cooperazione Internazionale to provide teachers and facilitators basic information and guidance about wash facilities in secondary schools which based in Qayyarah sub-district.It aims to support the provision of safe drinking water and improved sanitation facilities, and promotes lifelong health for students and their families. Ensuring access to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in every school for every student can be a huge challenge, especially during emergencies. When disaster strikes, education is often disrupted as families become primarily focused on survival. Schools become shelters for large numbers of displaced people, putting additional pressure on physically damaged buildings and facilities. Ensuring schools can reopen with adequate WASH facilities is an essential part of recovery.
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