Council of Europe, 2017. 75 p.
Council of Europe
Despite considerable progress, women in Europe continue to face widespread denials and infringements of their sexual and reproductive health and rights. Laws, policies and practices still curtail and undermine women’s sexual and reproductive health, autonomy, dignity, and decision-making and pervasive gender inequality continues to have profound effects on their sexual and reproductive health and rights. Moreover, in recent years, resurgent threats to these rights have emerged jeopardising longstanding commitments to gender equality and women’s rights. This Issue Paper addresses these concerns against the backdrop of the human rights obligations of Council of Europe member states as enshrined in international and European human rights instruments and as elaborated and interpreted by human rights mechanisms. It provides an overview of states’ obligations in the field of women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights with a particular focus on comprehensive sexuality education; modern contraception; safe and legal abortion care and quality maternal health care.
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