Harriman: Select Media, 2006. 276 p.
Jemmott, Loretta Sweet
Jemmott, John B.
McCaffree, Konstance A.
Select Media
3rd edition
The curriculum manual is accompanied by a video, as well as an activity set (handouts, poster). The videos used throughout the curriculum are not included in the basic package and must be purchased separately. For information regarding educator training, contact: Loretta Jemmott at +1 (215) 898-8287, or ETR Associates' Training Department (training@etr.org).
This is an eight hour curriculum mainly targeted at minority young people between the ages of 11 and 13. It is divided into eight modules featuring interactive activities such as games, role-play, brainstorming and videos. Developed by a team of experts from the University of Pennsylvania, it is recommended by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This curriculum promotes sexual abstinence as the most effective way to prevent STIs, HIV and teenage pregnancy, but it also places emphasis on safer sex practices and condom use. The curriculum encourages young people to make 'proud' and 'responsible' choices to avoid contracting STIs including HIV and infecting others, and to avoid becoming or getting others pregnant. It focuses on: increasing young people's knowledge about HIV, STIs and pregnancy prevention; reducing risk-taking behaviour; improving young people's will and ability to negotiate abstinence and safer sex; and using condoms correctly. The curriculum manual is structured as follows: Facilitator's Guide: overview of the curriculum as well as teaching strategies and tips; Curriculum: includes eight modules 1) Getting to know you and steps to making your dreams come true; 2) The consequences of sex: HIV infection; 3) Attitudes and beliefs about HIV and AIDS and condom use; 4) Strategies for preventing HIV infection: stop, think and act; 5) The consequences of sex: STIs and correct condom use; 6) The consequences of sex: pregnancy; 7) Developing condom use and negotiation skills; 8) Role-plays: refusal and negotiation skills. Each module lasts one hour and is divided into a number of activities (games, role-plays, videos, etc.); Appendices: feature optional activities and supplemental information (glossary, Frequently Asked Questions, tips to manage behaviour problems during the course).
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