Washington: CEDPA, 2001. 285 p., illus.
Centre for Development and Population Activities, CEDPA
Choose a Future! is targeted at 10 to 19-year-old boys. It seeks to develop supportive relationships, expand analysis skills, decision-making, problem solving and negotiating skills and to increase access to resources. It is also designed to promote gender equality as well as tolerance, appreciation and diversity in order to prevent communal violence. The curricula are articulated around activities such as discussion, reflection and role-play to help participants apply their new knowledge and skills to their own situation. While the curricula promote abstinence as the best choice for young people, contraception, STIs and HIV prevention, and unplanned pregnancy are also discussed. Topics such as masturbation and pleasure are covered and facilitators are advised to avoid assuming that all participants are heterosexual. Abortion as a possible option is also considered and sexual abuse is openly discussed. Traditional practices that can be harmful to girls' health are also covered. Topics covered include: self-awareness and values; feelings and relationships; communication skills; families; community; puberty, reproduction and health; marriage, partnership and parenthood; legal rights; preserving and valuing the environment.
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