2013. 15 p.
Obare, Francis
Birungi, Harriet
Periodical title: 
Sex Education: Sexuality, Society and Learning, 13 (6), pp. 615-629
This paper explores the sexual and reproductive health (SRH) policy context and the realities facing in-school young people in Kenya. It is based on a review of the health and education sector policy documents as well as data from self-administered questionnaires with 3624 male and female students from eight secondary schools in Nairobi. Findings show that although the policies emphasise the right to access accurate SRH information, there are restrictions on the content of messages that can be provided to in-school young people. At the same time, students continue to be exposed to the risks of undesired SRH outcomes and quest for comprehensive SRH information. The findings suggest that as policy-makers, parents, teachers, civil and faith-based organisations debate about the value and content of sexuality education in schools, it is important to consider the views and experiences of students who are the intended beneficiaries of such education.
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