2012. 20 p.
Goldman, Juliette D.G.
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Sexuality, Society and Learning, 12 (2), 199-218
Preparing children and adolescents for sexual safety and reproductive responsibility lies at the heart and purpose of puberty/sexuality education. The document of International Technical Guidance released by UNESCO in December 2009 aims to provide an evidence-based and rights-based platform offering children and adolescents vital knowledge about relationships, sexuality, reproduction and HIV/AIDS, within a structured teaching and learning process in the compulsory school years. The document, targeted at education and health sector decision-makers and professionals, includes evidence and expert advice on the importance of sexuality education, its implementation in schools, its age-appropriate topics, useful resources, and steps for key stakeholders. This study investigates and analyses the International Technical Guidance for its relevant, appropriate and contemporaneous educational response to the challenges of young people’s sexual and reproductive health and protection, and its potential impact on Australian curricula at a time of national review.
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