UNICEF, 2014. 148 p.
The goal of the programme has been to contribute to averting new HIV infections among young people aged 10–24 years in Papua and West Papua Provinces of Indonesia by the end of 2013. The programme has been implemented with a focus on primary beneficiaries of young people between ages 10–24 through: a) formal education settings: schools (SD, SMP and SMA levels), principals, teachers, parents and school committees, provincial and district education offices, and; b) informal education settings in partnership with FBOs, NGOs, the AIDS Commission, health agencies and other relevant government programmes at both provincial and district/city levels. This report presents the results of the final evaluation of the Programme. The evaluation, which is summative in character, aimed to offer recommendations to inform future planning to address the ongoing HIV and AIDS situation among young people through the Education Sector and Non-formal Education Sector in the two provinces. The overall evaluation has a strong summative emphasis, focusing on the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, equity and sustainability of the programme.
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