Cape Town: 2012. 40 p.
Higher Education HIV and AIDS Programme, HEAIDS
South Africa. Department of Higher Education and Training
Higher Education South Africa, HESA
National Conference of Higher Education Institutional HIV/AIDS Programmes, Cape Town, 28-30 November 2012
The conference programme was driven by the presentation of applied case experiences on the following topics: 1. Evaluating HIV/TB/STI prevention projects (e.g. Peer Education, HIV and TB testing, treatment), 2. Approaching HIV as an issue of transformation, diversity and inclusivity (including stigma, sexual orientation and gender), 3. Integrating HIV and AIDS into socially responsive core curricula: Lessons from innovative collaborations in Higher Education, 4. Models of Workplace Programmes within Higher Education: Theory, Management and Applied Studies in the context of Health and Wellness, 5. Innovative social behaviour change communication aimed at young adults (e.g. researching the use of social media, art, drama etc).
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