Washington DC: 2009. 62 p.
Caro, Deborah
United States Agency for International Development, USAID
Cultural Practice, LLC for the Health Policy Initiative, Task Order 1
The tool can be used to design a new HIV prevention program for adolescents, as well as other programs related to the larger context of sexual and reproductive health (such as pregnancy prevention programs). It is intended for use by donors and organizations implementing HIV prevention and sexual and reproductive health programs for adolescents. The tool is particularly useful for organizations already implementing adolescent programs focused on life skills training, sexual and reproductive health education, leadership development, and HIV prevention. This tool guides users through a series of diagnostic steps to understand how particular groups of adolescent girls are put at risk of HIV infection by their lack of access to and control over social, natural, human, physical, and financial capital. By guiding the user to identify and consider various socioeconomic and cultural factors in the lives of adolescent girls with which he/she intends to work, the tool helps to pinpoint particular constraints and opportunities faced by those girls, and ultimately, the type of livelihood interventions that may be most appropriate for them. More specifically, the tool offers a menu of livelihood strategies that may contribute to overcoming the identified socioeconomic constraints or utilizing the identified opportunities to strengthen adolescent girls' power to make and act on decisions that protect them from HIV infection.
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