WHO, 1996. 15 p.
The consultation was organized to explore the specific needs of ethnic minority communities in European countries for culturally and linguistically appropriate HIV/AIDS and sexual health services. Further, it aimed to develop a context for collaborative and integrated approaches towards improving and enhancing such services. Experts from government sectors, non-governmental organizations and ethnic minority organizations participated in a series of working groups addressing issues such as models of good practice of collaboration between the sectors, provision of appropriate HIV/ADS education for ethnic minority communities, empowering ethnic minority communities to develop community-based AIDS service organizations and provision of appropriate treatment, care and support for people living with HIV/AIDS who belong to ethnic minority communities. Going through a process of identifying gaps and shortcomings in current service provisions and exchanging visions on ideal standards, participants developed a series of recommendations on good practice, appropriate education, empowering communities and appropriate care. The recommendations will guide European national AIDS programmes in developing policies in this area.
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