2016. 66 p.
Solomon Islands. Ministry of Health and Medical Services
This M&E Plan is purposed to enable the National HIV/STI Programme to work more effectively and efficiently to: 1. Gather the information needed to guide the planning, coordination, and implementation of the national HIV response; 2. Assess the effectiveness of the HIV response; 3. Identify areas for programme improvement; 4. Ensure accountability to those providing financial resources for the HIV response; 5. Provide a communication tool that outlines various roles and responsibilities regarding monitoring and evaluation for the National HIV/STI programme; 6. Organize plans for data collection, analysis, use, and data quality; 7. Outline specific strategies and tools to encourage informed decision-making; 8. Organize the numerous M&E activities that are necessary for the successful operation of a national M&E system; 9. Engage stakeholders outside of the national government to ensure an integrated and harmonized M&E system.
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