United States Agency for International Development, USAID, 2000. 3 p.
Strickland, Brad
This a two paged paper that outlines USAID's efforts in the education sector to mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS. Specifically, it outlines USAID's approach called Education Sector Support (ESS) comprised of three components: classroom based- focused on quality and quantity of student learning; systemic- promotes African led national plans of educational system reform and; sustainable - improves policy analysis, build capacity to manage change and increase expenditure in education. USAID stresses the application of ESS to all levels involved in education from ministry to community. After briefly summarizing the challenges that HIV/AIDS poses to the education sector, the author encourages the use of ESS by outlining its benefits and highlighting the work USAID is doing in various countries in Africa. Specifically, ESS is seen to be a mechanism that enables indigenous management of the AIDS epidemic.
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