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Caroline Di Russo Sep 10
Oh....so climate change is making kids to commit arson. Ok. Got it. Makes total sense.
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💧Lord Coalton RT🇪🇺 Sep 11
Should Scott Morrison attend the UN climate summit?
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Peter Gleick Sep 10
This is an eye-opening preview of what's coming for literally millions of properties near sea level as accelerates. It will be a massive economic shock to countries around the world & worse for every day we delay reducing carbon emissions.
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💧Emma Meconi Sep 10
If an Ice Age wiped out dinosaurs what do people think a Heat Age will do to humankind? Do we really want to test this....
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UN Environment Programme Sep 10
in the Seychelles Victorin Laboudallon spends his days planting forests. Mangroves are a super solution for : they protect the land & coral, while generating income for local fishermen.
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Gerald Kutney Sep 10
If you accept science, don't sit passively by & watch those malign it. Propaganda repeated over & over becomes "truth." Join the friends of to challenge climate deniers. Society is counting on you. - be Active, Civil & Factual -
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Billion Tree Tsunami Sep 10
Dried lakes of Broghil Chitral, Impact of climate change
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Andrew Leigh Sep 10
Climate change has massive implications for Australian agriculture - from more extreme weather events to changed river flows. Yet the Coalition’s agriculture minister isn’t sure whether anthropogenic climate change is real.
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Paul Dawson Sep 11
I'm part of as my generation will die not from old age but climate change.
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European Commission 🇪🇺 Sep 11
We are leading the fight against , at home and globally. At the upcoming Climate Action Summit, we hope our plans will inspire other countries, and we hope to be inspired. Our message is simple: Europe delivers. More →
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💧simon holmes à court Sep 11
fascinating — australians least concerned about are most inclined to like .
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Herbiⓥore Sep 11
Someone: Our children will pay the price of my brain: don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it Me: You eat meat though..
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EU Climate Action 14h
Our new 🇪🇺 survey shows that people around Europe are increasingly taking action to fight 🍃 Let's all be the change we want to see in the 🌍 and reduce, reuse, recycle go for green power walk, cycle or take public transport 👉🏽
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Aramco Sep 10
Our CEO Amin Nasser reveals new mission to produce ultra-clean and at the , stressing the company’s ultimate focus on delivering game-changing solutions to adrees .
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Caroline Di Russo Sep 11
‘The science is settled’ was first uttered by Father Vincenzo Maculani da Firenzuola, appointed by Pope Urban VIII, when he convicted Galileo of heresy. 😉 Science is only ever settled for those with a financial or ideological interest in the status quo.
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Paul Dawson 23h
To those who say it's not possible... “In the 1960s and 70s, Costa Rica had the highest per capita deforestation rate in the world. We have managed not only to stop deforestation but to double forest coverage”
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Angie Fay bending that curve (⧖) Sep 11
. How to reduce our carbon emissions; France has some good ideas - the school cycle-bus for example.
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Gerald Kutney Sep 11
Let's be perfectly clear: it is not OK to be a climate denier. Their propaganda is unethical & threatens the greater good of society and our children's future. Challenge their faux-science, use for help - be Active, Civil & Factual-
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Neil 🇺🇸 Ⓥ 5h
Water vapor traps 8x the heat of CO2. We can't decarbonize the atmosphere fast enough, but we can sink the water, from the ice melt and wells, back into the soil and aquifers. This is how we can cool the planet. We'll have to change subsidies from cows to crops.
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Neil Kaye 9h
Real time speed of global fossil fuel CO₂ emissions with the addition of a second counter following a suggestion by Each box is 10 tonnes of CO₂
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