National Department of Health, 2015. 23 p.
Papua New Guinea. National Department of Health
The key objective of this policy is to guide, protect, and promote healthy measures for all school children in Papua New Guinea. The policy will address these key areas: 1. Effective collaboration and partnership between NDoH, DoE, and other stakeholders; 2. Promoting school health education programs, health promoting schools and providing school medical; 3. Proper nutrition for school aged children; 4. Sexual reproductive education for upper primary and secondary schools; 5. Ensuring all schools in Papua New Guinea (PNG) are drug, alcohol and tobacco free; 6. Promote oral health amongst all school children; 7. Providing school base vaccination; 8. Provision of sick bays for all schools and first aid training programs; 9. Ensure all schools have clean safe drinking water and proper sanitation facilities; 10. Providing equal opportunity for marginalised children.
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