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  2. Sep 6

    India and Pakistan should not make matter a Muslim issue. It is an issue between two countries. Foreign Minister Jews should not make a Judaism issue. It was a German issue. And YOU THE MINISTER are a BEDOUIN issue. Not an issue of intelligence.

  3. We mourn Diet Eman, one of the leaders in the Dutch Resistance during the . Her heroism saved hundreds of Jews from certain death & her leadership will never be forgotten. May her memory be a blessing.

  4. Sep 8
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    How about you NOT tell Jews with vax injured kids what the ancestral trauma of the feels like? We have science on OUR side & you're too much of a bought Pharma lackey to admit it. Haven't u made enough money on the backs of California's children?

  5. Sep 7

    ended up seeing more, and that's always great. There were memorials at pretty much every place I had gone to up to now and, while always planning to go, something always held me back (it'll be sad...I'll get depressed...etc.) and I'd give myself a kick in the rear for

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  6. An extreme show of ill-founded bias by who should examine the remarks of Yair Lapid, Israel Katz, Benjamin Netanyahu, & Haaretz. Then compare them with what’s been said by Morawiecki and Duda. "a dirty secret?"

  7. 5 minutes ago

    Lol the hijab and swastika are certainly not equivalent, and you disrespect the victims of the when you make such an idiotic assertion.

  8. Sep 12

    Dear , Please use your good office & call out the . It is appaling as it is under reported by the MSM. Humanity deserves better treatment. Not a silent treatment in the face of such a brutal . PS: is welcomed!

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  9. Sep 11

    Brilliant: “Nazi atrocities have been part of my education ... part of my being. is a rising problem ...I call on our education sector to keep teaching the . We cannot afford to forget—what begins with the never ends with the Jews."

  10. Polish diplomats saved Jews ➡️Raczyński's note - 1st official report on the ➡️ - 8,000-10,000 Jews obtained false passports, a few thousand escaped the Holocaust ➡️Tadeusz Romer provided assistance to 🇵🇱 Jews in Japan & China.

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  11. Sep 12
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    The Nazis killed off many in my family. Polish Jews and Polish Catholics, we were less than human to them. But I can’t hold the sins of the father against a different generation. I have moved on. Still wondering always who, where and why each died.

  12. Sep 10

    Let's play a game! Just as refugees scattered across the world, let's see where my new book, Resilience is read. Please send me its new home (city, state, country) and I'll plot on a map and share updates. Thanks!

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  13. Sep 7

    UPDATES on the illegal restoration of a city-center plaque in the heart of glorifying a brutal collaborator. See:

  14. Sep 12

    Why is it possible to question every thing in this world such as God and Quran and all the Prophets and even curse them and .... But no one can question ? We ask:How is it possible when there were not 6 million Jews in Europ? there were much less!! You can CALCULATE!!!

  15. Sep 12

    Every decade provides us w/a ur matters. Diet Eman, Who Risked Her Life to Rescue Dutch Jews, Dies at 99

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  16. 4 hours ago

    omg - of all of the debate topics interests me the least. We can't change the past, none of us currently living are to blame. Yeah slavery sucked, so did the but - be better and move on. Did you all hammer about this during his elections?

  17. Sep 10
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    UK must pay reparations to victims of its genocide like Germany did to the victims of .Simple apology is not sufficient.

  18. Werner David Feist with his wife Ursula. During the David smuggled Anti-Hitler brochures from Prague to Germany . He then escaped to the UK where he joined the Armed Forces.

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  19. 😂As the daughter of a Dutch survivor I'm pretty f**king proud of this block. Gonna keep calling out fascist Nazis.

  20. Sep 11

    Ask US President Trump not meeting ukrainian president Zelenskiy before Ukraine stopped glorifications ukrainians Nazis killer's Jewish during Holocaust and before in pogroms .

  21. 13/n Thence, causes more dire suffering with can facilitate - subtle erosion of culture, or worse, termination camps, gas chambers last in during the . Albeit, not that it was a form of retribution by Nazi Germany. All pre-coordinated.

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