Ministry of Education, 2006. 40 p.
Singapore. Ministry of Education
To provide a holistic Health Education syllabus, the revision of the syllabus has taken into consideration the trends and development in health education; that is, placing greater emphasis on the health messages advocated by the Health Promotion Board. These include myopia prevention, smoking prevention and health promotion in schools. Recommendations from the Guidance Branch, Education Programmes Division, in aspects of emotional and psychological health are also taken into consideration. Health Education is offered to all pupils at the primary levels. The key emphasis of the syllabus is to provide pupils with knowledge and skills to empower them to take care of their health and the health of others and the environment. The success of the syllabus would be determined by pupils’ demonstration of behaviour such as practising good health habits and exhibiting socially responsible behaviour. This can be achieved through a variety of learning experiences to present pupils the opportunity to apply what they have learnt. The syllabus document provides the curriculum direction and focus for teachers in the implementation of the revised Health Education syllabus. It explains the different components and themes in the three health dimensions of the revised syllabus, and the various strategies and assessment modes that could be employed in delivering the syllabus.
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