2007. 29 p.
Lesotho. National AIDS Commission
In 2005, the Government established the National AIDS Commission (NAC) by the NAC Act 2005 along the "Three Ones Principles". NAC is placed outside the Government structure and given more independence and authority to manage the national HIV and AIDS response in conjunction with stakeholders and the authority to mobilise resources outside the Government systems. The establishment of NAC was also necessitated by the increased number of players in the national response, coupled with the substantial increase in the amount of financial support from international funding organisations. These factors in turn increased the potential for duplication of efforts, overlapping, conflict of responsibilities, inconsistencies between partners and competition for financial and human resources. It is therefore critical for NAC to develop a coordination framework with guidelines, principles and strategies to guide all partners in order to ensure synergy of action by maximising the comparative advantages of each player. This entails bringing together different polices, procedures, systems and cycles in line with national systems. The strategy that NAC will utilise to coordinate the large number of stakeholders will focus on the objectives of achieving broad-based commitment to a single national strategy. NAC will ensure that all partner programmes and activities are based on national priorities as articulated in the National Strategic Plan 2006-2011.
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