2005. 94 p.
Guyana. Ministry of Health
This National behaviour change communication (BCC) Strategy for HIV/AIDS for Guyana has been developed at the request of the Ministry of Health (MOH) of the Government of Guyana (GOG). This strategy supports the goals and objectives of the Government of Guyana's 2006-2010 National HIV/AIDS Strategy, which include: - To reduce the risk and vulnerability to infection through prevention and control of the transmission of STIs and HIV, promoting sexual health, and saving and/or prolonging and improving the quality of life of persons with STIs/HIV/AIDS; - To reduce the social and economic impact of HIV/AIDS on individuals and communities. This strategy is intended to serve as a practical tool for an effective response to HIV/AIDS in Guyana. In particular, the document provides: - A National BCC strategic framework; - Overarching strategic elements including prioritization of target populations; - Summaries of organizations funding and/or implementing HIV/AIDS programs in Guyana; - Analysis of previous experience in BCC in Guyana; - Theory, guiding principles and steps for strategy development for the development of BCC strategies; - Gaps and next steps.
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