2004. 32 p.
Cyprus. Ministry of health
The National AIDS Programme (NAP) has been implemented since 1986 through a series of strategic plans that had been prepared by the Ministry of Health (MoH) with the assistance of the World Health Organization (WHO). The situation and response analysis for this strategic plan, which covers the period between 2004-2008, draws on an analysis of official reports and data on the HIV/AIDS situation and in Cyprus on related factors. Because HIV risk and vulnerability are closely linked to lifestyle and the socio-economic and demographic environment, the response to the epidemic in Cyprus has been hitherto multisectoral, as in all countries. As in previous plans, this approach is adopted and reinforced in this 5-year strategic plan that will cover the period 2004-2008. A number of stakeholders have been identified from the following sectors: health, social welfare, Civil Society, justice, education, defence, economy, the Church, the Mass Media. The purpose of the plan is: to make a situation analysis with regard to HIV/AIDS; to describe the response to the epidemic so far and to propose a strategic framework for future action. It is based on the original report of Dr Andrew Amato-Gauci, UNAIDS strategic planning consultant, which was the result of a multisectoral workshop that took place on the 18 and 19 October 2001 and is based on the opinions and suggestions of the participants in this workshop.
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