Geneva: UNAIDS, 2009. 35 p.
25th Meeting of the UNAIDS Programme Coordinating Board, Geneva, Switzerland, 8-10 December, 2009
This Operational Plan (2010-2014) supports the implementation of the UNAIDS Action Framework: Addressing Women, Girls, Gender Equality and HIV. The Action Framework was developed in response to the pressing need to address the persistent gender inequality and human rights violations that put women and girls at greater risk and vulnerability to HIV, and threaten the gains that have been made in preventing HIV transmission and increasing access to anti-retroviral treatment. The Action Framework focuses on action in three areas in which UNAIDS and UNIFEM can bring specific and unique contributions: strengthening strategic guidance and support to national partners to "know their epidemic and response" in order to effectively meet the needs of women and girls; assisting countries to ensure that national HIV and development strategies, operational plans, monitoring and evaluation frameworks and associated budgets address the needs and rights of women and girls in the context of HIV; advocacy, capacity strengthening and mobilization of resources to deliver a comprehensive set of measures to address the needs and rights of women and girls in the context of HIV.
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