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I've just watched your "Are you in a toxic relationship?" campaign.
O think it's terrible. First of ...all it seems like the only waste that pollute is plastic. Well it's not, any waste you throw in the envirement will pollute. Then you make people believe plastic is toxic, because it's intoxicating the relationship and suffocating the girl. Plastic is not toxic, not at all. Neither suffocate people.
I have a recycling company, we transform 400 tons of plastic waste every month into new products. Plastic isn't guilty. People who throw waste - not just plastic, any waste - in the wrong place are guilty.
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I had an idea on a global effort to eradicate waste and go circular. Could the UN make it law for ev...ery company in the world to have a sustainability consultant, working to a three year deadline to eradicate all non-circular wastes from their products and supply chain. It would be easy to police as if you have educated the public to how a circular economy works, you could put in place a "customer can report scheme". So if I were to buy something where the packaging was not recycleable, compostable or reuseable, I could simply report the company to a Governing body who warns them that the packaging must be changed. If companies do not comply, the product must be withdrawn from sale. See More
Excellent environmental protection concern and few key areas fully identified. I like to reuse of ca...rry bags and water bottles, not to use and discard straw finally only to generate waste. Dust and air pollution are another key areas of concern other than passive smoking, unhealthy atmosphere after consumption of alcohol and other addictive substances, abuse of women and children are all our concerns for a healthy society turning into rogue. Let us help ourselves to keep the Earth and its people safe by good habits. Shyam Sunder Tiwari, India See More