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    Let me repeat it again, is Shakuni, will take to power but will destroy it along with India. is the spy, the criminal A match like this only for

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    The 4th edition (September 15-24, 2019). September 18, 2019, in Paris: "Michal Ben-Naftali and Valérie Zenatti - "Writing in the presence of the missing people", moderator: Rosie Pinhas Delpuech

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    Vous aviez déjà entendu parler du syndrome K ?

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    Born 1894: Pierre-Marie Théas, Bishop of Montauban during and rescuer of Jews during the . He was eventually arrested by the Gestapo and sent to Royallieu-Compiègne concentration camp, but survived until liberation.

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  8. Sep 11

    Diet Eman, Who Risked Her Life to Rescue Dutch Jews, Dies at 99 - RIP A righteous woman from .

  9. Sep 9

    this vile is going 2 speak at a meeting of people who want another against . Ariel is going 2 advise them on how 2 make that happen.

  10. 3 hours ago

    16.09.1939 niemieccy barbarzyńcy spalili synagogę w oraz część domów w dzielnicy żydowskiej

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    journées du patrimoine. De la mise à l'écart au crime contre l'humanité. Savoir la en Touraine.

  13. 11 hours ago

    Tellement fier et heureux d'accueillir l’exposition photographique « Mémoire d’un sourire » de la Résidence Amaraggi avec Annie Melihan, Régine Halimi, la fondation Casip Cojasor et la Fondation de la Mémoire pour la

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    - Le journal secret d’une jeune Polonaise, Renia Spiegel, bientôt publié 📖 ➡️Resté pendant plus de 70 ans dans un coffre-fort, le journal d'une jeune Polonaise assassinée en 1942 par les Nazis sera bientôt publié en anglais. 🎞Découvrez ce récit incroyable

  15. Get informed before putting out such fantasy. Not appreciated by millions who suffered and the remaining who lived after. Check Your ignorance is JewHatred, Judeophobia, Israelophobia, Zionophobia. Bot off.

  16. Sep 13
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    I saw users tweeting you're upset about the ad that ran I guess? I honestly wouldn't know because I don't watch news here anymore. Are Jews & Israelis not human beings? started a revolution through her tweets about

  17. Sep 13

    “On a freezing day in January, 1944, after my family and I had been confined at for six months, my mother was arrested by the S.S. and placed in a basement cell in the dreaded prison.” | ⁦

  18. Sep 13

    Shabbat shalom (happy Friday, happy sabbath). More Holocaust 101 Lessons: —The Holocaust was legal— = laws can be corrupted by racism = courts can be... = supreme courts can be... = houses of congress

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    78 YAT, September 11, 1941. In Dubăsari, Moldova, the first Aktion was conducted, 2,500 Jews ere executed by German and Romanian units. Photo: Vladimir G., born in 1923: “There were about 50 carts full of Jews from the surrounding villages.”

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