Kigali: HDI, 2019. 36 p.
Health Development Initiative
In Rwanda, Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) has been subsumed in the new Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) as one of the essential cross cutting components. The aim of the school based CSE is to equip children with knowledge, skills and values in an age appropriate and culturally gender sensitive manner so as to enable them to make responsible choices about their sexual and social relationships, explain and clarify feelings, values and attitudes, as well as to promote and sustain risk reducing behavior (Rwanda Education Board, 2015). Besides government initiatives, most often from the Ministry of Education (MINEDUC), some civil society organizations such as Health Development Initiative (HDI) support community and health systems strengthening to enrich community members as well as in and out - of - school adolescents with information on sexuality and reproductive health and rights. The main objective of the research study was to assess the knowledge, attitudes and practices of Rwandan parents towards the implementation of the ongoing CSE in secondary schools.
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