Distance education: theory, methodology, practice

distance education

The Federal Education Development Institute (FIRO RANEPA), the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education (UNESCO IITE) and the Institute of Further Professional Education “4 Portfolio” organised the seminar “Contemporary questions in distance education” on October 3, 2019.

Hosting the seminar at UNESCO IITE, the head of the DPLM unit, Ms. Svetlana Knyazeva (PhD in Pedagogy) welcomed participants and launched the “Methodology for distance courses development” discussion. This event continued the series of seminars of Evgenia Semenovna Polat held from mid-1990s till 2006 at the Russian academy of education.

The seminar began with the opening speech of Ms. Marina Bukharkina, PhD in Pedagogy and the author of the multilevel education technology. She was the colleague of Evgenia Semenovna Polat as well as her co-author for the methodology and practical implementation of the project approach within the classroom system of Russian education.

The experts managed to discuss their experience in deploying distance courses and outline recommendations on their development. The following professionals shared their approaches to create online education courses:

The seminar goal was to exchange experience and visions of experts with direct involvement in Russian distance education. With this intention, the organisation team set a webcast to provide a wider audience with a possibility of online participation in the event. Overall, more than 70 professionals (including 40 online participants) managed to contribute to the seminar discussion. The materials of the conference are available on the Youtube channel of the seminar.