UNESCO IITE at Open Education Week 2019

UNESCO IITE participated in the Open Education Week 2019, which was held on 4-8 March 2019. The Open Education Week is one of the most foremost global events recognizing high achievement and excellence in open education. Its goal is to raise awareness and showcase the impact of open education on teaching and learning worldwide, the free and open educational opportunities that exist for everyone, everywhere, right now.

The Open Education Week is founded and coordinated by the Open Education Consortium, an association of hundreds of institutions and organizations around the world that are committed to the ideas of open education.

This year 6,494 participants from 123 countries joined the week-long event. The Open Education Week 2019 spotlighted amazing work from over a dozen categories including live, face-to-face events, webinars, projects, and resources. In total, 81 local and 109 online events were organized, and 73 resources were presented.

During the Open Education Week 2019, Ms. Svetlana Knyazeva, Chief of the Unit of Digital Pedagogy and Learning Materials at UNESCO IITE, contributed to two webinars organized within the framework of the Week by the European Distance and E-Learning Network (EDEN). She delivered two presentations: “Openness of education: Urgent need for recognizing OER-based learning outcomes in Europe and worldwide” at the webinar “Education 2030 – Open knowledge, skills, attitudes and values in Europe and the world” on March 4, 2019 and “Quality assurance in open online education: OER and MOOC” at the webinar “2019 OER quality assessment” on March 7, 2019.

Overall, 5 webinars were organized by EDEN during the Open Education Week 2019 with 370 registered participants from 38 different countries, including 16 countries from outside Europe.

The recordings of EDEN webinars are available:

Open knowledge, skills, attitudes and values in Europe and the world

The story of the Open University in Europe and the world

Ongoing initiatives for Open Education in Europe

OER quality assessment

Researching openness – evidence-based approach

More information about the Open Education Week 2019 is available at the official website.