ICT in Education for People with Special Needs. Specialized training course Moscow, 2006, 160 p.

The Course was developed by IITE in close cooperation with the team of international specialists from Italy, Russia, Australia, Denmark, Iceland and Spain, headed by Dr Edwards (United Kingdom).


The course represents the best international experience and helps to acquire knowledge and develop practical skills on specifics of ICT application in face-to-face and distance education. The training materials of the course cover educational issues of five main groups of disabilities: physical, visual, hearing, speech and language, cognitive, and learning. Particular emphasis of the course is put on the basic aspects of ICT policy development in special needs education, including promotion of ICT infrastructure, integration of ICTs into curriculum, training and retraining of ICT specialists.


The training materials of the course were translated into the Russian language and were adapted to the specific conditions of the CIS educational system.


The specialized training course was included in the IITE educational programme and became its integral part.

Publication year: 2006

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