Analytical Survey: Information and Communication Technology in Special Education

The Working Group Representing UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education (IITE), International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP), Institute of New Technologies of Education (INT) has published the analytical survey of Information and Communication Technology in Special Education.

The publication explicated and discussed problems, prospects, and best strategies for implementing information and communication technologies (ICT) in primary education.  International experience in this field gained during the last decade. The Document aimed at all those who are already using ICT in education, or going to make decision about such usage. The final goal of the Recommendations is to prompt teachers, curriculum designers and school administrators all over the world to participate in developing educational potential of ICT in response to general challenges faced by the contemporary school.

The Document was prepared according to the resolution of the UNESCO Congress on Education and Informatics (Moscow, 1986), and approved by the IITE Board Meeting (Moscow, 1998), and by the Meeting of the Experts from the CIS, Central and Eastern European Countries (Kiev, 1999).

Год публикации: 2000

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