2015. 40 p.
Holmstrom, Anna
The aim of the pilot programme was to 1) provide adolescent girls who had been previously expelled from secondary school due to pregnancies, access to alternative learning opportunities and empower them through income generating and life skills; 2) develop and test self-learning modules and empowerment toolkits for learners and facilitators; and 3) assess and document good practices and achievements to inform strategies addressing the issues related to adolescent girls. The programme was developed as a strategy to sensitise the Ministry and other stakeholders on the need to allow girls who are forced out of school to be readmitted in school and on the need to ensure rights-based approached to education, i.e. those who are marginalised and excluded in education should be the common priority education sector duty bearers. The underlying rationale for including new pre-vocational modules in the course was the assumption that this category of students who are also young mothers, will need additional support to fund their education once they return, including skills for immediate income generation but also life skills to be able to handle their new challenging role of being a mother.
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