Plan International, 2014. 200 p.
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Parce que je suis une fille : la situation des filles dans le monde 2014. Les voies du pouvoir: la mise en oeuvre d'un changement durable pour les adolescents
Por ser niña: El estado mundial de la niñas 2014. Camino hacia el poder: Crear un cambio sosentble para las adolescents
van der Gaag, Nikki
Plan International
This is the eighth in the annual ‘Because I am a Girl’ report series, published by Plan, which assesses the current state of the world’s girls. While women and children are recognised in policy and planning, girls’ needs and rights are often ignored. The reports provide evidence, including the voices of girls themselves, as to why they need to be treated differently from boys and adult women. They also use information from primary research, in particular a small study set up in 2006 following 142 girls from nine countries. Past reports have covered education, conflict, economic empowerment, cities and technology, adolescent girls and disasters and how boys and young men can support gender equality.
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