Paris: UNESCO, 2004. 14 p.
Divided into six panels, the Inter-Agency Working Group on Life Skills in EFA considered some of the central issues within a life skills approach to education and proposed a synthesis of underlying principles and guidelines for planning life skills-based education, as well as, implementation and assessment. The first panel outlined the theoretical and practical foundations for the concept of life skills education within the larger context of EFA and sustainable human development. The following two panels discussed the underlying principles of life skills-based education, particularly in relation to the needs of the learner and implications for the provision of life skills-based education illustrated with national and regional experiences. The fourth and fifth panel concentrated on operationalizing a life skills approach to education and follow-up activities by participating agencies in order to further life skills-based education. The sixth and last panel discussed assessment of and monitoring the outcomes of a life skills approach to education as it applies to various specific domains, and quality indicators.
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