2013. 17 p.
Silva-Santisteban, Alfonso
Segura, Eddy R.
Sandoval, Clara
Girón, Maziel
Petrera, Margarita
Cáceres, Carlos F.
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Globalization and Health 9:22
Equity in access to health care among people living with HIV has not been extensively studied in Peru. This research aims to assess the extent to which health care provision for persons living with HIV was equitable and where there was lower access, and the factors associated with lower access. The study was conducted among adult PLHA in four cities in Peru. Between September 2008 and January 2009, 863 individuals from four cities in Peru were enrolled. The study found that transgender identity and age younger than 35 years old, were associated with lower access to health care. The conclusion of this study is that health care providers and program managers should develop strategies to resolve the barriers to health care by means of policy change, within a human rights framework.
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