2011. 195 p.
DeJaeghere, Joan
Vavrus, Frances
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Feminist Formations, 23 (3)
Content: - Educational Formations: Gendered Experiences of Schooling in Local Contexts; Girls’ Schooling, Gender Equity, and the Global Education and Development Agenda: Conceptual Disconnections, Political Struggles, and the Difficulties of Practice; Situating Empowerment for Millennial Schoolgirls in Gujarat, India and Shaanxi, China; Engendering Agency: The Differentiated Impact of Educational Initiatives in Zambia and India; History Transformed?: Gender in World War II Narratives in U.S. History Textbooks, 1956–2007; Accent on Desire: Desire and Race in the Production of Ideological Subjectivities in Post-Apartheid South Africa; Social Exclusion, Gender, and Access to Education in Canada: Narrative Accounts from Girls on the Street; The Construction and Mediation of Sexuality and Gender Relations: Experiences of Girls and Boys in Secondary Schools in Uganda; Equity, Power, and Capabilities: Constructions of Gender in a Tanzanian Secondary School.
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