Working Group

Specific groups and areas

This working group will focus on the development of indicators with disaggregated data for different vulnerable groups, which has been a priority in the adoption of the SDG Agenda and the Global Indicator Framework.

 As UIS is mandated to develop and implement the indicators needed to monitor SDG 4, it will work with the working group to develop a strategy to address the challenge of producing quality statistics on education and specific methodologies to report on vulnerable groups (such as refugees and migrants), which were prioritised by the 2030 Agenda. The work of this group will aim to support countries and agencies to apply the methodology and strategies developed to increase their capacity to report on these groups.

The key issues related to the availability and use of data for specific groups and areas are:

  • Low availability of data to report on vulnerable groups.
  • Lack of methodology to produce and harmonize quality statistics on education, and thus, to report on vulnerable groups.

Indicator priorities

  • Guidelines for the production of indicators
  • Develop a data strategy to improve the availability and quality of education statistics for refugees and migrants.