Guidance on active learning and promoting student’s self-regulation skills in COVID-19 outbreak has been published in Russian

UNESCO IITE prepared and published on its website an electronic Russian-language version of the “Guidance on Active Learning at Home during Educational Disruption: Promoting student’s self-regulation skills in COVID-19 outbreak”.

The original Guidance in English was jointly released by UNESCO International Research and Training Centre for Rural Education (INRULED), UNESCO IITE, Smart Learning Institute of Beijing Normal University (SLIBNU) and other partners in March 2020, during mass school closures in many countries worldwide, caused by the rapid global spread of COVID-19.

With school closures, millions of students were excluded from the normal learning process. Alternative approaches, such as online learning at home, were used to maintain undisrupted learning.

To live well in the uncertainty and complex world, students should be prepared to master the 21st century skills to solve problems actively. Self-regulation skill is the one that plays a key role in students’ success. Studying at home during educational disruption provides opportunities to promote students’ active learning at home and train self-regulation skills. However, with distance learning, both students and parents are facing challenges according to different types of families, when kids study and parents work at home.

The Guidance outlines problems that arise during learning at home and provides tips for solving them. It offers students a specific model for learning actively at home during school closures, which consists of seven elements: Scheduling learning and playing in balance, Choosing learning resources on demand, Inspiring the study from playing, Engaging in learning by self-monitoring, Nourishing learning ability with e-assessment, Carrying out reflection on learning methods, Exercising daily and moderately. Furthermore, the Guidance presents practical tips and stories on active learning of students as well as recommendations for maintaining their good physical and mental health during homeschooling amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Guidance in Russian

The Guidance in English