International Webinar. Futures of Education: How to Assure Quality Higher education during University Closures

Date and Time: April 17, Friday 17:00-19:00 (GMT+8)

Zoom Meeting Link:

The coronavirus crisis has pushed schooling onto online platforms. With this critical situation, it may well change our world and our global outlook; it may also an opportunity to rethink how education should work in the future, especially of how to keep providing quality Higher Education at this moment. For education, we shall work out strategic solutions on how to reshape the higher education to adapt to an uncertain, complex, diverse world. Smart education shall be the innovative ways to survive in the intelligent era.

The webinar is entitled “Futures of Education: How to Assure Quality Higher education during University Closures” and it aims to explore the themes of “Futures of Education”, higher education and smart education. In this webinar, the challenges of global education, the opportunities for the futures of education are, and approaches on how to assure quality higher education during university closures will be discussed. The audience for this webinar will be academics, researchers, experts and policy makers in education from China as well as international. In this first webinar, we invite a small number of experts to share some initial views on these issues. There may be more webinars and virtual meetings to follow.

The following may be outcomes of these efforts:

  1. Concept/position papers on vision of higher education for the future.
  2. Pitching of such vision and strategies for quality higher education to international organizations like UNESCO, UNESCO IITE, ICHEI, ALECSO, etc. and to national agencies like MOE of China.
  3. Publication of such vision and strategies in reports, books and academic journals; dissemination in international seminars/events.
  4. Formulating joint research proposals requiring international collaboration and funding sources.

More information on the agenda and speakers.