Digital Libraries in Education. Specialized training course. Study guide Moscow, 2006, 128 p.

Digital Libraries in Education. Specialized training course. Study guide. Ian H. Witten , David Bainbridge, David M. Nichols, Wayne Mackintosh, Tarikere Basappa Rajashekar.

Specialized training course. Study guideDigital Libraries in Education has been developed in the frame of UNESCO cross-cutting theme project Methodologies for Digital Libraries. The project aims to give an overview of current and future technologies and applications for digital libraries (DL) including ethical, social, pedagogical, organizational and economic aspects as well as their impact on learning, cultural and scientific activities. This analysis will be used to develop methodologies for the establishment of DL in UNESCO’s fields of competence and to elaborate specialized training courses on the use of DL for educational authorities, teacher trainers, educators, researchers and students. The specific objective is to provide capacity building for decision-makers and major regional DL developers in the target regions in forming a base for planning the forthcoming phases of future projects on DL development..

The course is about the use of DL in education, including emerging areas of application and current and future technologies for creating and distributing DL. It shows educators how to build their own digital library collections for use in the courses they teach. It touches on large-scale national and international DL for education, but is more strongly oriented towards low-budget methods of building and maintaining DL by creative individuals and by self-organized communities of educators, ranging from the personal to institutional levels.

Год публикации: 2009

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