2010. 9 p.
Singh, Kavita
Sambisa, William
Munyati, Shungu
Chandiwana, Brian
Chingono, Alfred
Monash, Roeland
Weir, Sharon
Periodical title: 
AIDS and Behavior, 14
This paper addresses the issue of how to target interventions to girls 15+19 and young women 20-24 in a resource poor setting of Hwange District, Zimbabwe. The Priorities for Local AIDS Control efforts methodology was used to understand where these young people socialize and also to understand whether age disparate relationships were a common occurrence. Findings indicated prevention efforts for those 15-19 would need to focus on 'everyday' sites as these are the places where the majority of girls socialized. However, the girls 15-19 with the riskiest sexual behaviors were found at venues affiliated with alcohol. Prevention efforts for those 20-24 would also need to largely focus on venues affiliated with alcohol. Women at such sites generally reported more risky behaviors than women in other types of venues. Reporting of a partner 5 or more years older was common across age groups and across venues. Tackling HIV in Zimbabwe will take a multifaceted approach targeted towards the places girls 15-19 and young women 20-24 are meeting new partners.
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