New Delhi: UNESCO New Delhi, Plan India, 2011. 47 p.
UNESCO Office New Delhi
Plan India
Today, it is possible to live healthy with HIV. Indeed, Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART) has been a significant breakthrough in the struggle against HIV and AIDS. In a major advancement for public health, the Government of India rolled out provision of free ART in 2004, making it available for every person living with HIV. The possibility of treatment brings back a sense of hope, and helps reduce the stigma and fear often associated with HIV and AIDS. In its efforts to tackle HIV and AIDS, UNESCO regards HIV treatment education as an important tool to provide high quality education that enables a more effective response to HIV. Treatment literacy helps to foster awareness that with regular, timely and accurate application of ART, a person living with HIV can look forward to a healthy and productive life. At the individual level, HIV treatment education is a self empowering process as it helps in decisionmaking of one's health issues and in managing one's treatment. Hence, it allows a person living with HIV to plan her/his future and lead a quality life. At the community level, treatment education encourages people to learn their HIV status and seek care, thereby increasing uptake of voluntary counseling, testing and care services, and reducing stigma in the community.
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