​Dear National Coordinators,

The Week of Sound Association, that is officially a partner of UNESCO, is organizing a short film contest titled When Sound Creates Images!"

Founded in December 1998 by Christian Hugonnet, an acoustic engineer and judicial expert, the Association exists to build awareness among the public, elected officials, and all social actors about the importance and societal challenges of sound and was officially recognized by UNESCO in 2017 (resolution 39C/59 adopted by the General Conference of UNESCO).

For the first time, as part of UNESCO's Week of Sound, we invite members of the Associated Schools network to participate in the contest to make a short film based on a soundtrack created by the French composer Philippe Rombi. Since 2018, UNESCO has celebrated this week by promoting best practices relating to sound in all areas of life from early childhood.

The 3 ex aequo winners will be awarded at UNESCO on Friday 22 January 2021 during Sound Week. The Jury Prize will recognize the best achievement of a high school student, class or class group of college or high school. They will get cameras and recorders.

-   How to participate?

  • Who can participate?
    • All ASPnet colleges and high schools
  1. Teachers can register their class, class group or a single student in the international context "When Sound Creates Images!" 2021
​​In a world often dedicated to the visual, this competition aims to build the ability to listen and value sound and musical perception, in other words, 'hear better to see better.' 

Learning how to listen is also learning how to connect with others, to open up, to overcome physical appearances, to understand the 'other' in all its dimensions and to be enriched by its differences. Developing empathy and respect  are among the values we want to convey to students all over the world.

We count on you to engage your ASP
net students to share and submit their films!

As always, thank you for your kind support!