We can achieve #Water4All by 2030. This requires a collective will to do so and improved water management. UNESCO will address these issues and more at the International #WaterConference2019 ending today. Check it out: 🚰
This past #WorldOceansDay, we honoured all women whose scientific work is enhancing the conservation of the 49 UNESCO #WorldHeritage marine sites. Meet Denisse, who is studying sharks in the Galapagos Islands UNESCO #WorldHeritage site: #SDG5 #SDG14
WOD 2019

The year 2020 was to be the “Super Year for Biodiversity “ culminating in a global biodiversity conference this autumn where new biodiversity targets were due to be set for the next decade.
While the timetable has changed, the COVID-19 pandemic highlights some critically important truths about the fragile balance between nature and people, and hence provides a unique opportunity to resolutely choose the pathway of resilience.