Hon Dr David Moinina Sengeh is appointed Chair of the GEM Report Advisory Board

We are delighted to announce Hon Dr David Moinina Sengeh as the new Chair of the GEM Report Advisory Board, taking over from Helen Clark, who has been Chair of the Board since 2018. He is Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary Education and the Chief Innovation Officer for the Government of Sierra Leone. His commitment to inclusion in education will help steer the Board discussions over the next two critical years.

“I have been previously privileged to participate in education reform as a researcher, an activist and leader of a non-governmental organization,” he told us.  “Now, as a policy maker I have a unique opportunity to bring together national policy frameworks with international best practices based on principles of collaboration, research and action,” he told us on discussing taking up the position. “This is exciting for me – the learning, the engagement and information sharing.”

The GEM Report is mid-way through a five-year strategy, with various new outputs underway for release in the next couple of years including continuing on a new series of regional reports and a new Spotlight report on Africa. The team is further developing its three complementary websites, PEER, containing country profiles on laws and policies for key themes to SDG 4, SCOPE, monitoring education progress via data-visualisations, and WIDE, which visually demonstrates the unacceptably high levels of education inequality between and within countries.

These outputs are specifically designed to help the team achieve its mission, to “synthesise, analyse and clearly present the best available data, evidence and research to explain progress and differences in education, and to make recommendations that inform dialogue and improve policy making.”

Dr Sengeh’s own belief of the most critical objective for the Report is fully aligned with that vision: “The pathway for taking ideas, and policies into action is not straightforward. My hope is that we can track how nations and institutions are acting on these research findings, and global strategies.  Beyond that, we must monitor data in real-time to understand the impact of those actions. That is when we will accelerate towards our Global Goals. “

As Chair of the Advisory Board, he will sit across a board of 35 members made up of multilateral organisations, donors, regional experts, regional organisations, civil society organisations and independent experts. The Advisory Board provides oversight, guidance and suggestions about:

  • the vision, purpose and objectives of the GEM Report and their consistency with SDG 4 and the Education 2030 Agenda
  • the national, regional and international context
  • future GEM Report themes, priorities and approaches
  • the long-term development of the GEM Report
  • the identification of problems, priorities and concerns
  • the quality and timeliness of SDG 4 statistics and data
  • sources of expertise, knowledge, information and funding
  • communications and outreach, including advocacy, publications and partnerships.

“I like thinking, coding and engaging people with and on ideas.” Dr Sengeh told us. “The rigorous methodologies used in the Report and the intentional ways of its dissemination are things I can contribute to through dialogue and facilitation.”

Please join us in welcoming him to the role.

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