Teacher Competencies in the Digital Revolution: Reaching the Unreached

Teacher Competencies Forum

The main idea 

Issues of availability of and access to educational technologies became pronounced when the suspension of in-person classes happened. In this regard, teachers faced unprecedented challenges, particularly those who are teaching in disadvantaged schools. The pandemic heightened the digital divide that is contributing to the education crisis. In these circumstances, all educational stakeholders have to collaborate so that all children deserve quality and accessible education. Teachers should have the right competencies and values to allow them to reach out to all learners.

To address the above-mentioned issues, the first virtual High-Level Forum on Teacher Competencies in the Digital Revolution: Reaching the Unreached was held on July 30, 2021. Totally 21 speakers from Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO): Member Countries, Associate Member Country, Affiliate Member, Regional Centers, and Member Countries of Teacher Task Force (TTF) presented their vision on teacher capacity building.

Thematic Group on ICT and Distance Education 

The UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education (UNESCO IITE), co-chaired in the Thematic Group “Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Distance Education for Teacher Development” of the Teacher Task Force (TTF). UNESCO IITE spearheaded capacity-building programmes to enhance teacher competencies and the development of standards. Therefore, the key outcomes of the activities will be clear guidance on using digital tools and executing open educational practices based on ICT and distance education.   

Outputs of the Forum

At the end of the High-Level Forum, the participants emphasized the following outputs:

1) An Action Agenda on Improving Teacher Competencies in the Digital Revolution.

2) Collection of good teaching practices of New Normal Pedagogies and Innovation for reaching the unreached and disadvantaged learners.

3) Pool of Open Educational Resources on Teaching Tools for the Marginalized Learners. 

In figures

As a result, almost 22,000 participants consisting of High Officials, teachers from Southeast Asian countries, and TTF member countries tuned in for the YouTube Livestream, with the peak concurrent being 4,468 views. There are 10,313 participants from 32 countries who filled in the e-certificate validation form by the deadline and are eligible to receive certificates of participation.

To view the full recording of the Forum, please subscribe to the YouTube account of the SEAMEO Secretariat or click the link: https://link.seameo.org/webinar/HighLevelForum2021.