Information meeting within the international project “Navigating in information”

New Nordic-Russian cooperation project “Navigating in information: Identify, evaluate, use. Current challenges in the Baltic Sea Region in a digital world” was launched at the information meeting held on 9-10 December 2020. The project is implemented in cooperation with the Nordic Journalists Centre, the Media Council for Children and Youth (Denmark), the Human Rights Academy (Norway), the Swedish Media Council, the Finnish Institute in St. Petersburg with support of the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education.

During the first day, various media and information literacy programmes from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland were showcased. Ms. Tatiana Murovana, Programme Specialist at UNESCO IITE, presented the projects implemented by the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education. The goal of the meeting was to share international experience with professionals and discuss possible collaboration in the sphere of intercultural communication and information security. During the second day, the role of journalists in media and information literacy was discussed.

The project is aimed to present Nordic programmes in developing knowledge on media and information literacy and provide specific tools for assessing reliability of information, organize a scientific conference, information meetings, discussions and workshops with specialists and professional organisations in the Nordic countries and North-West Russia.