Mobile Learning Week 2019

The Mobile Learning Week 2019, the United Nations’s flagship ICT in education conference, will be held at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris (France) on 4-8 March 2019.

The event convenes experts from around the world to share how affordable and powerful mobile technology – from basic handsets to the newest tablet computers – can accelerate learning for all, particularly people living in disadvantaged communities. The conference is composed of numerous tracks, typically including workshops, a symposium, a high-level policy forum and a research seminar. These tracks engage a wide range of participants, including policy-makers, project managers, educators, researchers, and representatives of NGOs, international organizations and private companies.

In 2019, UNESCO and its confirmed partners – the International Telecommunication Union and the Profuturo Foundation – will convene a special edition of Mobile Learning Week under the theme ‘Augmented human intelligence and humanity’.

More information about the Mobile Learning Week 2019 is available at the UNESCO official website.